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1. I. K. Razumov, Yu. N. Gornostyrev, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Autocatalytic mechanism of pearlite transformation in steel
PHYS REV APPL 7, 014002 (2017)

2. A. Politano, G. J. Slotman, R. Roldan, G. Chiarello, D. Campi, M. I. Katsnelson, and S. Yuan,
Effect of moire superlattice reconstruction in the electronic excitation spectrum of graphene-metal heterostructures
2D MATER 4, 021001 (2017)

3. H. Rostami, M. I. Katsnelson, and M. Polini,
Theory of plasmonic effects in nonlinear optics: The case of graphene
PHYS REV B 95, 035416 (2017)

4. C. Dutreix and M. I. Katsnelson,
Dynamical control of electron-phonon interactions with high-frequency light
PHYS REV B 95, 024306 (2017)

5. A. Principi, M. I. Katsnelson, and A. Levchenko,
Chiral second-sound collective mode at the edge of 2D systems with nontrivial Berry curvature
PHYS REV LETT 118, 036802 (2017)

6. S. Brener, A. N. Rudenko, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Effect of flexural phonons on the hole states in single-layer black phosphorus
PHYS REV B 95, 041406(R) (2017)

7. J. M. H. Kroes, A. Fasolino, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Density functional based simulations of proton permeation of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride
PHYS CHEM CHEM PHYS 19, 5813 (2017)

8. A. N. Rudenko, M. I. Katsnelson, and R. Roldan,
Electronic properties of single-layer antimony: Tight-binding model, spin-orbit coupling, and the strength of effective Coulomb interactions
PHYS REV B 95, 081407(R) (2017)

9. H.-C. Wu, A. N. Chaika, M.-C. Hsu, T.-W. Huang, M. Abid, M. Abid, V. Yu. Aristov, O. V. Molodtsova, S. V. Babenkov, Y. Niu, B. E. Murphy, S. A. Krasnikov, O. L├╝bben, H. Liu, B. S. Chun, Y. T. Janabi, S. N. Molotkov, I. V. Shvets, A. I. Lichtenstein, M. I. Katsnelson, and C.-R. Chang,
Large positive in-plane magnetoresistance induced by localized states at nanodomain boundaries in graphene
NATURE COMMUN 8, 14453 (2017)

10. H. C. Donker, H. De Raedt, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Decoherence and pointer states in small antiferromagnets: A benchmark test
SCIPOST PHYS 2, 010 (2017)

11. A. A. Bagrov, A. Principi, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Fractional quantum Hall effect in strained graphene: Stability of Laughlin states in disordered pseudomagnetic fields
PHYS REV B 95, 100201(R) (2017)

12. K. J. A. Reijnders and M. I. Katsnelson,
Symmetry breaking and (pseudo)spin polarization in Veselago lenses for massless Dirac fermions
PHYS REV B 95, 115310 (2017)

13. D. A. Prishchenko, V. G. Mazurenko, M. I. Katsnelson, and A. N. Rudenko,
Coulomb interactions and screening effects in few-layer black phosphorus: a tight-binding consideration beyond the long-wavelength limit
2D MATER 4, 025064 (2017)

14. E. A. Stepanov, C. Dutreix, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Dynamical and reversible control of topological spin textures
PHYS REV LETT 118, 157201 (2017)

15. L. Peters, E. Sasioglu, S. Rossen,C. Friedrich, S. Blugel, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Nonconventional screening of the Coulomb interaction in FexOy clusters: An ab initio study
PHYS REV B 95, 155119 (2017)

16. S. Ghannadzadeh, S. Licciardello, S. Arsenijevic, P. Robinson, H. Takatsu, M. I. Katsnelson, and N. E. Hussey,
Simultaneous loss of interlayer coherence and long-range magnetism in quasi-two-dimensional PdCrO2
NATURE COMMUN 8, 15001 (2017)

17. J. H. Los, A. Fasolino, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Mechanics of thermally fluctuating membranes
NPJ 2D MATER APPL 1, 9 (2017)

18. B. Kiraly, N. Hauptmann, A. N. Rudenko, M. I. Katsnelson, and A. A. Khajetoorians,
Probing single vacancies in black phosphorus at the atomic level
NANO LETT 17, 3607 (2017)

19. S. Brener, B. Murzaliev, M. Titov, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Magnon activation by hot electrons via nonquasiparticle states
PHYS REV B 95, 220409(R) (2017)

20. R. Logemann, A. N. Rudenko, M. I. Katsnelson, and A. Kirilyuk,
Exchange interactions in transition metal oxides: The role of oxygen spin polarization
J PHYS: CONDENS MAT 29, 335801 (2017)

21. R. Cardias, A. Szilva, A. Bergman, I. Di Marco, M. I. Katsnelson, A. I. Lichtenstein, L. Nordstrom, A. B. Klautau, O. Eriksson, and Y. O. Kvashnin,
The Bethe-Slater curve revisited; new insights from electronic structure theory
SCI REP 7, 4058 (2017)

22. J. Iranzo, J. A. Cuesta, S. Manrubia, M. I. Katsnelson, and E. V. Koonin,
Disentangling the effects of selection and loss bias on gene dynamics
PNAS 114, E5616 (2017)

23. K. J. A. Reijnders and M. I. Katsnelson,
Diffraction catastrophes and semiclassical quantum mechanics for Veselago lensing in graphene
PHYS REV B 96, 045305 (2017)

24. I. Torre, M. I. Katsnelson, A. Diaspro, V. Pellegrini, and M. Polini,
Lippmann-Schwinger theory for two-dimensional plasmon scattering
PHYS REV B 96, 035433 (2017)

25. I. K. Razumov, Yu. N. Gornostyrev, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Towards the ab initio based theory of the phase transformations in iron and steel
PHYS MET METAL 118, 362 (2017)

26. A. P. Rooney, A. Kozikov, A. N. Rudenko, E. Prestat, M. J. Hamer, F. Withers, Y. Cao, K. S. Novoselov, M. I. Katsnelson, R. V. Gorbachev, and S. J. Haigh,
Observing imperfection in atomic interfaces for van der Waals heterostructures
NANO LETT 17, 5222 (2017)

27. L. J. A. van Tilburg, F. J. Buijnsters, A. Fasolino, T. Rasing, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Nonlinear effects in the propagation of optically generated magnetostatic volume mode spin waves
PHYS REV B 96, 054437 (2017)

28. J. Yu, L. Qu, E. van Veen, M. I. Katsnelson, and S. Yuan,
Hyperhoneycomb boron nitride with anisotropic mechanical, electronic, and optical properties
PHYS REV MATER 1, 045001 (2017)

29. F. Krien, E. G. C. P. van Loon, H. Hafermann, J. Otsuki, M. I. Katsnelson, and A. I. Lichtenstein,
Conservation in two-particle self-consistent extensions of dynamical mean-field theory
PHYS REV B 96, 075155 (2017)

30. G. Beutier, S. P. Collins, O. V. Dimitrova, V. E. Dmitrienko, M. I. Katsnelson, Y. O. Kvashnin, A. I. Lichtenstein, V. V. Mazurenko, G. Nisbet, E. N. Ovchinnikova, and D. Pincini,
Band filling control of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in weakly ferromagnetic insulators
PHYS REV LETT 119, 167201 (2017)

31. H. De Raedt, F. Jin, M. I. Katsnelson, and K. Michielsen,
Relaxation, thermalization, and Markovian dynamics of two spins coupled to a spin bath
PHYS REV E 96, 053306 (2017)

32. J. H. Los, J. M. H. Kroes, K. Albe, R. M. Gordillo, M. I. Katsnelson, and A. Fasolino,
Extended Tersoff potential for boron nitride: Energetics and elastic properties of pristine and defective h-BN
PHYS REV B 96, 184108 (2017)

33. E. V. Koonin, Y. I. Wolf, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Inevitability of the emergence and persistence of genetic parasites caused by evolutionary instability of parasite-free states
BIOL DIRECT 12, 31 (2017)

34. L. Peters, D. Jacob, M. Karolak, A. I. Lichtenstein, and M. I. Katsnelson,
Origin of the quasiparticle peak in the spectral density of Cr(001) surfaces
PHYS REV B 96, 245137 (2017)

35. E. van Veen, A. Tomadin, M. Polini, M. I. Katsnelson, and S. Yuan,
Optical conductivity of a quantum electron gas in a Sierpinski carpet
PHYS REV B 96, 235438 (2017)