Lecture courses (1980 - 2004)
Ural State University = USU

For post-graduate students:

1. Scaling concepts in phase transitions and polymer theory (for chemists, USU)
2. Path integrals and their applications to quantum mechanics (for mathematicians, USU)
3. Crystal lattice dynamics (Institute of Metal Physics)
4. Introduction to philosophy of science (Department of Philosophy, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences)
5. Theory of magnetism (Uppsala University)
6. Many-body theory (Uppsala University)

For undergraduate students:

1. Mechanics and the theory of relativity (USU)
2. Molecular physics (USU)
3. Classical electrodynamics (USU)
4. Quantum mechanics (USU)
5. Quantum theory of solids (USU)
6. General physics (for mathematicians, USU)
7. Introduction to natural sciences (for humanitarians, Liberal Art University, Ekaterinburg)

For high-school:

Physics (The Specialized Educational and Scientific Center of USU - Lyceum)

PhD supervision

1. V. G. Koreshkov, Three-body interatomic interactions in alkali metals (1990).
2. G. V. Peschanskikh, The effect of electronic topological transitions on lattice properties of metals and alloys (1992).
3. I. A. Kaibichev, Surface elastic and magnetoelastic waves in crystals (1994).
4. A. A. Katanin, Self-consistent spin wave theory of low-dimensional and frustrated magnets (1996).
5. A. K. Zhuravlev, Electronic phase transitions in 1D spinless fermion model with competing interactions (1999).
6. D. W. Boukhvalov, Electronic structure of molecular magnets in LDA+U approach (2004).
7. A. Grechnev, Theoretical studies of two-dimensional magnetism and chemical bonding (2005).
8. O. Wessely, Theory of X-ray absorption spectra and spin transfer torque (2006).
9. O. V. Manyuhina, Frustration in soft matter: Interplay between order and curvature (2009).
10. I. Di Marco, Correlation effects in the electronic structure of transition metals and their compounds (2009).
11. K. V. Zakharchenko, Temperature effects on graphene: from flat crystal to 3D liquid (2011).
12. J. Mentink, Magnetism on the time scale of the exchange interaction (2012).
13. M. A. Akhukov, Structure and magnetism of defected carbon materials (2013).
14. D. Yudin, Trends in magnetism: From strong correlations to -onics technology (2015).
15. L. Peters, Theory of electronic structure and magnetism of rare-earth and transition-metal clusters (2015).
16. F. Buijnsters, Linear and nonlinear excitations in magnetic films (2017).
17. I. L. M. Locht, Theoretical methods for the electronic structure and magnetism of strongly correlated materials (2017).
18. R. Logemann, Geometry, magnetism and electronic structure of transition-metal oxide and carbide clusters (2017).
19. E. G. C. P. van Loon, Collective phenomena in strongly correlated systems (2018).
20. H. C. Donker, Quantum decoherence and measurement in small spin systems (2018).
21. K. J. A. Reijnders, Semiclassical dynamics of charge carriers in graphene (2019).
22. E. van Veen, Large-scale tight-binding simulations of two-dimensional materials and self-similar systems (2019).
23. M. M. S. Barbeau, Magnetic exchange interactions out of equilibrium (2020).
24. G. J. Slotman, Electronic properties of two-dimensional materials and Van der Waals heterostructures (2020).
25. R. J. Sokolewicz, Spintronics in two-dimensional conducting Dirac ferro- and antiferromagnets (2020).
26. I. A. Ado, Quantum transport, spin transfer, damping, and chiral interactions in two-dimensional ferromagnets (2020).
27. A. Iliasov, Electrons roaming in fractional dimensions (2022).
28. E. J. Knol, Individual atoms on the surface of black phosphorus: probing screening, doping and creating neural networks (2022).
29. A. Mauri, Fluctuating membranes: renormalization group approaches to free-standing two-dimensional materials (2022).

Authored textbooks

1. S. V. Vonsovsky and M. I. Katsnelson, Quantum Solid State Physics, Moscow, Nauka, 1983 (in Russian)
2. S. V. Vonsovsky and M. I. Katsnelson, Quantum Solid State Physics, Berlin etc, Springer, 1989 (extended and rewritten version, in English)
3. M. I. Katsnelson and B. Kh. Ishmukhametov, Introduction to the Theory of Relativity, Ekaterinburg, Ural State Univ. Publ., 1996 (in Russian)
4. B. Kh. Ishmukhametov and M. I. Katsnelson, Mechanics, Ekaterinburg, Ural State Univ. Publ., 1999 (in Russian)
5. M. I. Katsnelson and A. V. Trefilov, Crystal Lattice Dynamics and Thermodynamics, Moscow, Energoatomizdat, 2002 (in Russian)
6. B. Kh. Ishmukhametov and M. I. Katsnelson, Introduction to the Theory of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Ekaterinburg, Ural State Univ. Publ., 2011 (in Russian)
7. B. Kh. Ishmukhametov, M. I. Katsnelson, and A. F. Polikarpov, Introduction to Atomic Physics, Ekaterinburg, Ural Federal Univ. Publ., 2017 (in Russian)